ok, that was easy

If you ever want to go to the Domincan Republic here is what you do. You talk Ronnie and Linda Tyree along with Chris Hughson into picking you up at the church at 2:30 and driving all the way to Nashville. This is after they help divide over 110 lbs. of books among your members and weighing them hoping that the bathroom scales and the offical American Airline scales weigh the same.

Then you get in line and find out that Sherry isn’t in the system, oh wait yes she is or is she? Then you get all your bags weighed and find that two of the Tyree/Hughson bags weigh in at 49.5 lbs and 50.0 lbs. (The official weight limit)

You get on the plane and fly and fly and set on a plane in a thunderstorm for an hour and then fly some more and go through customs and pay the man the money he wants and find your bags and finally set down and eat that great Dominican supper and it is brought home again to you how good God is.

      Jennifer loves flying. Jennifer did not love it when we feel out of the sky the last 3 feet of our landing in Miami. To tell you the truth I wasn’t that crazy about it myself.
      Paige was asked to carry the digital video camera for me. I found it in the middle of the floor in the MIami airport. She had already boarded the plane. She is really enjoying herself.
      Beau laughed when we fell out of the sky. The kinda laugh a guy laughs when he doesn’t want to scream. The same kinda laugh I think I had.
      Kristen had a little motion sickenss. Took all the proper pills at the proper times and didn’t have any problems.
      We can’t find Trent. 🙂 Just kidding. Trent is doing great and glad to be back.
      Scott pretty much cried everytime our plane took off. Just like last year. 🙂
      Maegan is really enjoying herself so far. 
      Amanda is an old pro and knows how to get around this time around.
      Sherry has her hands full with me.
      I have having a blast!

So that is the quicky report and here are a couple of pictures of what it took to get us here.



Battery running low….. more later

~ by hmckee121 on July 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “ok, that was easy”

  1. Thanks for the update! as a mom, I can’t get enough info, and most of the blog hits have been for me just hoping to see or read new info on you all. sounds like today has been a hard day…take care of all, and keep updating when you can. We are praying earnestly!! Tell Paige Hi for me and Love her!!!

  2. glad u guys made it safely! praying 4 all of u 2 b strong,healthy and happy serving Christ. Miss u guys. Tell everyone hi 4 me. allison.

  3. Way to go guys. proud of you.

  4. I know you guys are exhausted by the end of the day, but thanks for taking time to update the blog. We love hearing how each day went and are continuing to pray for you all! I know God is doing amazing things in each of your hearts and in those you are serving. You ARE His hand and feet! Love ya! Ronnie & Linda

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