Today Was Hard….

Hopefully I am going to be able to get a two or three sentence summary from each team member describing their day in a post that we will try to put up later tonight for now let me say we are very very tired. We moved an entire dump truck of sand one bucket at a time today over a very long distance and then up a flight of stairs. This was hard work.

The real beauty is that we return to the dorm to find out that there is no water. There was no water last night either. I skipped the shower this morning as I think everyone else did since we were going out to work anyway. To sum it all up no one on our team has had a shower since last seen by their loved ones back home and there is a definite funk starting to be noticed back in the dorm. Pray for water.

No one is currently sick although Kristen and I started down that path at different times today. Prayer works guys please keep it up.

We had a great devotional this morning. We centered around Romans 1:14. Here is what one version says.

“I have a debt to Greeks and to the nations outside; to the wise and to those who have no learning.” Romans 1:14 (BBE)

Paul believed he had a debt that he was obligated to pay for what Christ had done for him. He also believed that it would be something he would pay his entire life. Paul said he was a slave to Christ. He each were challenged to imagine that in all we did today, we were chained to Christ.

Here are some photos from the day. Oh by the way, Scott just ran up to tell me that water is on. Yepee. He smelled better too. We love you all and miss you. Keep praying. Another load of sand was just dumped before we left the job site.


~ by hmckee121 on July 17, 2008.

One Response to “Today Was Hard….”

  1. So glad to hear from all of you guys. Sounds like things are going good. Love you and praying for you guys. Be safe!

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